I am proud to share the following testimonials from some of my satisfied clients.

I highly recommend Bita for any entrepreneur who needs honest feedback, guidance, and strategy advising. She has a unique approach in coaching where she helps to develop your emotional competency and works to strengthen your core values. Since I’ve started working with Bita, I have more clarity on my own strengths and how to leverage my assets. My company is much more stable and stronger. I thank Bita for that!—-Nissana

I am amazed How insightful the coaching was and from the first session I already had clarity and structure. —–Vashira

What I found useful was the idea of testing. I had a lot of pressure with starting my business and she helped me to take it off by the idea of testing it. ——-Kenza

We could drew a road map to start our new business. Also, with this program, we could organize our ideas and make them concrete and define our next steps. —–Anna

Bita gave me nice insights of what I could improve in my business. I super recommend her! —–Thaina

Bita provided me with some excellent tips on how to look at my business from a new perspective, which is more suitable for my lifestyle. Furthermore, she gave me some actionable points, I could follow up on right away! —-Hanna

While talking to bita, some new idea came to my mind ——Mukta

I found that you were really good at asking the right questions and getting to the root of my goals and vision as an entrepreneur. She is sweet and kind, and I think we came up with a few ideas, and I proposed the children’s book workshop idea to the Delft Mama group and they seemed really interested! —–Claire

I’m like the personal cheerleader for my clients, always ready to offer a helping hand and a positive attitude. Whether they need a small tweak or a complete overhaul, I’m here to make their dreams come true.
I couldn’t be happier to work with such amazing people, and I’m constantly amazed by their creativity, talent, and passion. It’s truly an honor to be a part of their journey, and I’m committed to making it a success.
So, here’s to my incredible clients – thank you for making my job a joy and a privilege. Let’s keep the good times rolling and achieve great things together!