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Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fun Formula

Are you tired of feeling like a square peg in a round hole in the business world? Are you ready to let your inner playful and fun self shine in your business?
Then this 12-week, personalized 1:1 coaching program is for you!!
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The Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fun Formula program is designed to help early entrepreneurs like you build a sustainable and profitable business.
You’re in the right place if you are…

  • In the early stages of starting a service-based business or side hustle
  • Lacking a clear vision and goals for your business
  • Feeling blocked by self doubt
  • Getting stuck in the details, wanting everything to be perfect
  • Seeking support while taking the first steps of making your business live

Fear not, my friend! I’m Bita Roshandoony, a Playful Mindset Business Coach and I’ve been there, done that.

As a blind person, I’ve always had to turn obstacles into opportunities to build a successful life and career.
I wasn’t allowed to go to the school I wanted, but I went anyway.
I faced obstacles finding a job, but I found many as a SEO Specialist, Internet Marketing Manager and Consultant in the end.
I became an expat and faced challenges moving to a new country as a blind person, but now I live happily in the Netherlands.
I started two businesses, and I found a formula that I want to share with you.
With my help, you’ll turn obstacles into opportunities and connect to your inner child to discover your fun and successful self as a founder. I’ll help you turn your business into a personalized, sustainable, and profitable engine. There are thousands of ways to build a successful business, and you only have to find your own path to success.

Bita provided me with some excellent tips on how to look at my business from a new perspective, which is more suitable for my lifestyle. Furthermore, she gave me some actionable points I could follow up on right away! – Hanna
I found that she was really good at asking the right questions and getting to the root of my goals and vision as an entrepreneur. She is sweet and kind. – Claire

This program has two primary focuses:


Using different visualization techniques, and drawing on my digital marketing background, I’ll help you:

  • Find out what you want to offer to impact the world
  • Identify your five-star clients
  • Understand why they should hire you
  • Discover your own personality and style as a business owner and put yourself out there


Using various coaching tools and techniques, I’ll help you:

  • Gain clarity and awareness of your emotions
  • Navigate the emotions that come with starting a business
  • Develop self-management skills to manage your well-being and own your future
  • Bring out your playful mindset and have fun with your business

Along the way, I will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and put on my “thought buddy hat” to brainstorm new ideas and see new perspectives.
After completing my program, you’ll be able to break free from the chains of boring business and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment. You’ll discover your inner successful, playful, and resilient CEO, and turn every aspect of your business into a playground of opportunity.

The Fun Freedom Fulfillment Formula: A 12-Week Private Coaching Program to Unleash Your Potential

This program includes 12 one-hour coaching sessions with me via Zoom, where we’ll work on tapping into your playfulness and curiosity to discover your niche, create a compelling marketing message, and develop a unique and creative marketing strategy that works for you. We’ll also tackle the saboteurs that hold you back and shift your mindset towards opportunities. With this program, you will benefit from:

  • Exploring your playful and fun side.
  • Connecting with your inner-team for support.
  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs and embracing opportunities.
  • Achieving clarity on your vision and business goals that align with your strengths

The program also comes with these incredible bonuses:

The total value is €3000+ but I’m offering it now at a special launch price of €997. So you can start making your business dreams come true, without investing thousands in it.
Click here to see the price in USD or other currencies

The coaching was insightful, and I had clarity since the first session. – Vashira
I highly recommend Bita for any entrepreneur who needs honest feedback, guidance, and strategy advising. She has a unique approach in coaching where she helps to develop your emotional competency and works to strengthen your core values. Since I've started working with Bita, I have more clarity on my own strengths and how to leverage my assets. My company is much more stable and stronger. I thank Bita for that! –Nissana

I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Are you ready to embrace freedom, fulfillment, and fun and make your business dreams a reality? Sign up now and let’s begin the journey to your ultimate business success!
I am committed!